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Agreement to the following Terms Of Use is required in order to register and participate (post) in the Discussion Forums. These terms can also be read by clicking on the "Terms of Service" link on the lower right corner of this page.

By clicking on the "Agree" link below (if you are a returning participant or registering for the first time), you agree that you, the user, are 13 years of age or over. You are fully responsible for any information or files you supply. You also agree that you will not post any copyrighted material that is not owned by yourself or the owners of these Forums. In your use of these Forums, you agree that you will not post any information which is vulgar, harassing, hateful, threatening, invading of others privacy, sexually oriented, or violates any United States laws.

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In order to post to these Forums, users are required to provide a User Name, Password and valid Email Address.

Please write down your User Name and Password and store them in a safe place. Without them you will not be able to post to the Forums and we will not be able to assist you with account problems should they arise.

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Neither the Administrators of these Forums, or the Moderators participating, are responsible for the privacy practices of any user. Remember that all information disclosed in the Forums becomes public. As such, you should exercise caution when deciding to share anything personal. Any user who finds material posted by another user objectionable is encouraged to contact the Forums moderators or administrators.

We are authorized by you to remove or modify any data submitted by you to these Forums for any reason we feel constitutes a violation of our policies, whether stated, implied or not.

INDEMNITY: You agree to indemnify and hold New Road Map Foundation and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, employees, partners and licensors harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of Forum content you submit, post, transmit or otherwise make available through the Forums, your use of the Forums, your connection to the Forums, your violation of these Registration Rules & Policies Agreement, or your violation of any rights of another.

Members are responsible for the content of their posts and retain copyright of their original creations. You attest that you will not post any copyrighted material that is not owned by yourself or the owners of these Forums. NRM cannot and does not take any responsibility for any given advice, information supplied by, or referenced from other sources. The onus to validate any information retrieved from The Simple Living Forums before any action is taken remains with anyone who chooses to act on such information.

This site may contain links to other websites and files. We have no control over the content and can not ensure it will not be offensive or objectionable. We will, however, remove links to material that we feel is inappropriate as we become aware of them.

Please note that the information found here may be in violation of the laws of the country or jurisdiction from where you are viewing this information. NRM does not encourage the violation of any laws, but this information is stored on a server in the United States of America, and is maintained in reference to the protections afforded to content providers and readers in that jurisdiction. The laws in your country may not recognize a similarly broad protection of free speech; NRM cannot be responsible for potential violations of such laws, should you link to this domain or reuse any of the information contained herein.

If you have a question, comment or suggestion about the Forums or your Forum account we would like to hear from you. There is a special Forum for this purpose called "Questions, Comments, Suggestions, etc." This Forum is monitored regularly and anything posted there will be addressed promptly.

If you feel the need, you may also contact New Road Map Foundation directly. However, please understand that response time to individual email about the Forums may be much longer than when posting your issue to the area noted above. We read all emails, but may not be able to respond to individual correspondence, so when appropriate, we may categorize and post responses in the "Questions, Comments, Suggestions, etc." or "Important Notes From The Administrators" sections.

These Forums are provided as a community service. Some of the Forums are moderated by volunteers as their time allows (Thanks Volunteers!) others are (for the most part) unmoderated. Therefore, all users are expected to adhere to the following etiquette guidelines:

* Please be courteous to others and remember that the purpose of this forum is to support each other. We encourage positive, friendly debates that provide informative content to all readers. Flaming is not allowed and will result in removal of your posts and termination of your account.

* Please limit your postings to the specific topic of each Forum. If you can't find an appropriate Forum for your post, please use the Open Forum. Administrators and Moderators may, from time to time, move posts to a different board if they feel that would facilitate a better discussion. For more information about Moderators, please see the FAQ (located inside the Forums).

* The Barter Forum is the only place you should list items to buy, sell, trade or barter personal, one-to-one transactions only. PLEASE: No business listings, multi-level marketing, chain letter or pyramid schemes. Posts violating this guideline will be removed. Repeated violation will result in the termination of your account.

* This is a public place, open to everyone everywhere. Please, no vulgar language or content of an adult nature. The following words (spelled backwards here) are examples of those that will be hidden with asterisks (*) if used: kcuf, knaw, tihs, yssup, tnuc.

* Name calling and other ill-willed or inappropriate behavior will earn you a warning from the Moderator of the Forum. If you receive such a note or see a warning post, please work with the Moderator to understand the issue involved and don't do it again. See the Moderators section for more information.

* The words of individual posters remain their responsibility -- if you feel slandered or libeled and would like a retraction, you should first seek to resolve the matter via email with the poster originating such statement(s) and secondly, if no one-to-one resolution is not found, discuss this with a Moderator or Forum Administrator. Moderators and Administrators are identifiable by title and findable in the Members list.

* Repeated display of bad behavior will cause the locking of your User Profile and you should receive a note explaining why you are not welcome to return. Should you elect to return anyway and repeat the same problematic behavior, New Road Map Foundation reserves the right to take further steps to deny your access to these Forums and/or discuss with your local service provider your violations of these Terms of Use.

* In short, have fun, but have integrity in your actions!

We reserve the right to adjust or amend these guidelines at any time it deems necessary.